Mombasa Muslim leaders call for removal of Willy Mutunga as MUHURI Chair

Mombasa Muslim leaders during a press briefing condemning the appointment of former CJ Willy Mutunga./COURTESY

Mombasa Muslim leaders are now opposing the chairmanship of former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga at Muslims for Human Rights (MUHURI) less than a year after his appointment.

Speaking in Mombasa, the leaders called for the removal of the former CJ as MUHURI chair over what they term his support for same-sex unions.

“We consider the appointment of Mr. Willy Mutunga as the chairman of MUHURI to be contrary to the ethical values of our religion. This is based on a meeting he held on December 30, 2023, in Nairobi with the press, during which he advocated for journalists to fight for the rights of advocates for same-sex marriage (LGBTQ),” said Sparki Mosque Imam Abu Hamza.

“This statement contradicts our religious teachings and appears to be an exploitation of religion for purposes inconsistent with our ethical values. MUHURI, with an Islamic emblem, should adhere to the moral principles of our religion,” he added.

The leaders have given MUHURI a 14-day ultimatum to change its Chair, release an official statement on their stand on LGBTQ matters, or the CSO to remove the word Muslim from its name, failure to which they will proceed to court.

“We also request to convey our message to the Kenyan court, expressing our dissatisfaction with the actions taken by the court regarding the registration of advocates for same-sex marriage,” said Sheikh Abu Qatada.