Mombasa music industry is controlled by cartels, says Chikuzee

Coast based musician Chikuzee./COURTESY

Coast-based musician Abdalla Chikuku alias Chikuzee now claims the region’s entertainment industry is controlled by a few people who he described as ‘cartels’.

Speaking to Baraka Fm on Pozi 254 show, the veteran singer explained that music levels had fallen due to a lack of competition since it was only the few favored by the cartels that got to succeed.

His claims came regarding the ongoing debate on social media about only certain artists performing in most events held in the region, event ticket charges, payment of artists, and foreign artists’ headlining shows.

Chikuzee further refuted claims that he is among the members of a committee that Mombasa governor Abdulswamad Sharrif requested to be formed to look after artists’ grievances.

“What I can say is I’m not in that committee. The members know themselves and were nominated. The only thing we can do is to wait and see if their leadership will bring any change,” he said.

Kiraka, as he called himself due to his flexible nature of being able to sing, rap, write, and perform, advised fellow artists to make hit songs that would help them sync perfectly with the fans.

“To be able to vibe with the fans you need a couple of anthems that even kids can sing along to. Online music streaming has artists fooled, just because you have a huge following online doesn’t mean you’ll automatically boss the stage,” said the ‘Kichuna” hitmaker.

He claims that even though he is not in his prime, there is no other artist greater than him to date.

Hakuna aliyenikomboa mimi, wasanii wapo wazuri lakini bado. Mpka siku atakayetokea na nihisi kweli amenizidi basi nitastaafu

(No artist has equaled what I’ve done; there are good artists but still no one. If that happens, then I will retire.)

Chikuzee has backed his king status by releasing an Amapiano beat song called ‘Zimbwela’.

During the festive season, he was busy performing in various events in Kwale and Mombasa Counties.