Kwale Woman seeks justice after daughter defiled by Teacher as family covers up crime

A police vehicle.

A woman in Mshiu area, Lunga Lunga sub-county, is seeking justice alleging that a teacher defiled her 14-year-old daughter.

The secondary school teacher is said to be a tenant in the victim’s family compound where he committed the act.

A whistleblower who did not want to be named for security reasons, alleges that the victim’s mother has been chased away from her home for refusing to let the matter be handled locally. She reported the incident at Kinoneni police station which led to her being chased away from her home.

“ As soon as she reported to police, she was sent packing and as we speak justice has not been delivered”, said the whistle blower.

The whistle blower further alleges that the family members were beseeching the victim’s mother to go slow on the case so as not to jeopardize the Teacher’s work.

“ They urged her not to report because it could spoil for the teacher if the matter went to the courts”, added the whistle blower.

Meanwhile Teachers from the said private owned school are also said to have been irked by the incident and encouraged the victim’s mother not to relent in finding justice for her daughter.

“ Some teachers told the mother not to give until the culprit is apprehended as they have witnessed such cases and its now a concern”, said the whistle blower.