20 dreams to be realized in Dream Maker sn2

Dream Maker is back with a second season that will see 30 dreams being realised./Joyce Jura

20 dreams are set to be realized in the second season of the Dream Maker campaign.

The second season of the Dream Maker initiative by BetPawa kicked-off on 1st October and is set to realize dreams including education scholarships.

Speaking at Ronald Ngala Primary School in Mombasa, BetPawa Country Marketing Manager Simon Mwangi said the Dream Maker initiative aims to give back to the community and improve the daily lives of common mwananchi.

“Basically what we do is we travel across the country collecting dreams an then eventually, after October, sit down and shortlist the most inspiring and impactful dreams and then we make it happen. We implement those dreams,” said Mwangi.

The first season of Dream Maker took place in 2021 and 13 dreams were realized.

“In season two we want to make it even bigger and better so we are going to do bigger dreams with more impact and also increase the number. So we will have a total of 20 dreams and the value for those dreams range from a million to five million shillings, depending on the type of dream,” said the Country Marketing Manager.

For one to participate in the campaign, all you have to do is visit the BetPawa website where you will tap on the Dream Maker banner and submit your dream.

Members of the public being taken through on how to participate in the Dream Maker Campaign./COURTESY

“It is very simple, we are not asking for many things. All we want is your name, phone number and your dream. After submitting all that, you wait. You never know, you might be one of the lucky winners whose dreams are realized,” said Mwangi.

The campaign started on 1st October and dream submission period will be ending on 22nd October, 2023.