Over 1,000 Mombasa residents get titles



More than 1,000 residents of Mombasa were on Monday issued with title deeds.

In an event to mark ‘World Habitat Day’, Mombasa Governor Abdullswamad Sheriff Nassir issued more than 1,300 title deeds to residents of Mikindani, Jomvu, Miritini, Changamwe and other parts of Mombasa.

Speaking at Cambodia grounds in Jomvu where the title deeds were issued, Governor Swamad said the issuance of title deeds will help deal with the squatters’ challenge in the county.

“Today, we ended the long wait for land ownership formalization in Mikindani, Jomvu. The issue of squatters has been a long-standing political mountain that has proven historically challenging to successive regimes since independence,” said the Governor.

While issuing the title deeds, the County boss urged residents to use the deeds as a tool to better themselves and their families.

“I have outlined an innovative proposal in my manifesto we are working to implement. The idea will allow squatters to assume ownership of titles progressively in a tenancy purchase structure guaranteed by the County Government of Mombasa,” said Swamad.

He further added that the county government had signed an agreement with the national government to boost and strengthen the issuance of title deeds to the residents of Mombasa.

Philip Mwari Baya one of the beneficiaries of the deeds has expressed his sincere thanks to the county saying that he had been fighting for a title deed for more than 15 years without success.

“My dream has come to reality today. I am delighted to get such a resourceful and important document that I have fought for years,” said Baya.

Mwari also urged the government to educate the locals on the lawful ways to acquire their title deeds.

Meanwhile, Jomvu Member of Parliament Badi Twalib has cautioned land grabbers in the name of “Mabwenyenye” saying they will face the law.

“Your time to grab land from the people of Mombasa has elapsed, woe unto you! We are awake and we are in control,” said Twalib.