Mombasa anti-LGBTQ movement condemns Supreme Court ruling

Anti LGBTQ movement hold demos in Mombasa./VINCENT OTIENO


Anti-LGBTQ Plus Movement on Monday faulted the Supreme Court Ruling that allows the LGBTQ community to form groups.

Led by their Chair Salim Karama, the Mombasa-based organization called for all churches and tribes to join them in the fight terming the court ruling as contradictory to African norms.

“The acts of LGBTQ are not part of us as Africans and even the church condemns the act, we also know that the President is of Godly heart and he will agree with us that no part of the Bible allows the act,” said Salim.

 “We encourage Kenyans of moral integrity to reject, resist and oppose this Supreme Court ruling so we join in the fight together,” he added.

Salim now wants the president and the country’s parliament to intervene and respond to their call to rescue the country from the same gender sex.

He added that on the 17th of March, they will call for a mass demonstration to show their dissatisfaction with the court ruling.

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Their sentiments have been echoed by several leaders including Likoni Member of Parliament Mishi Mboko and her Nyali counterpart Mohammed Ali who have condemned LGBTQ relationships saying it is against the Holy books.

The Supreme Court on Friday affirmed a finding by lower courts that quashed the decision by the NGO Board to decline an LGBTQ lobby group’s formal registration.

The decision by the apex court followed an appeal arising from the Court of Appeal by the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) had successfully challenged an appeal by the board against a favorable High Court decision.

The Supreme Court held that the board violated the right to non-discrimination by refusing to accept the names proposed.

The court however pointed out that all persons, whether heterosexual, lesbian, gay, intersex, or otherwise, will be subject to sanctions if they contravene existing laws, including Sections 162, 163, and 165 of the Penal Code.