Reagan Dandy’s drug that helps him write good music

Reagan Dandy aka Matsangoni Boy. He says he has to drink milk before working on his music./COURTESY

Kenyan fast-rising rapper Reagan Dandy has revealed the secret routine that has helped him record music since his breakthrough in 2020.

Speaking to Baraka Fm on Pozi 254, the rapper who uses his native Giriama as the primary language in his music said that he always drinks milking before working on his music.

“I like taking milk a lot, there was a day I surprised people in the studio. We were asked to say what we’ll need during the session and as people asked for other stuff I said bring me a carton box full of milk. I like to write and record when I am in my sober consciousness.”

Adopting his hometown as an alias ‘Matsangoni Boy’ further added he always put God first in his life;

Sometimes I write music and just can’t believe this is my work and even when things are not working I still turn to pray and fast and eventually God answers me.”

Speaking on why he uses mainly Giriama language in his music, the ‘VidzeKo’ hitmaker explained that he loves his culture and language and likes to represent them in his songs.

He added that the late American rapper Nipsey Hussle has been a motivation for him in trying to represent and improve his community.

Reagan Dandy’s latest project is a feature from his fellow Kilifi County artist P Day Hurricane called Jiwe.

Reagan has recently done a track that featured Nooran Sisters and despite it being just a creative masterpiece by Coastal-based music producer TK2 to fuse trending audio of the Asian duo, he expressed that he had to make sure the sisters get a tag in the song.

“When you use someone’s content you have to give credit and it’s why we had to make sure their name was there” Reagan has further revealed that he has been mistaken for a Nigerian due to his looks saying he was once asked for his passport by authorities while on a trip to Nairobi.