Kadzandani Primary in need of more classrooms and desks for learners

Learners sitting on the floor during one of the lessons at Kadzandani Primary School./COURTESY

Kadzandani primary school is seeking well-wishers to help provide the school with lockers and desks for learners.

The school’s headteacher Bw. Mruche Ndungo says that the school not only needs lockers and desks but also more classrooms.

For grade seven (Junior Secondary School), the school has two permanent classes and one makeshift class made of iron sheets.

“That was the quickest alternative that we could come up with to ensure 100 percent transition for learners who sat for grade six examinations last year,” said Kadzandani Headteacher Bw. Mruche Ndungo.

Mruche said there was need to construct more classrooms to accommodate all learners.

“Currently we have 315 students in junior secondary and more are still coming to seek chances because some private schools did not meet the criteria for Junior Secondary Schools,” said Headteacher Mruche.

“We have around 340 pupils in class eight and only three streams to fit them all,” he added.

The JSS classes have a total of 220 lockers against 315 students forcing some to attend their lessons while sitting on the floor.

Headteacher Mruche has urged well-wishers to help in providing lockers and desks for learners in the school.

“It is not only the grade seven classes, the school generally needs lockers and desks. For instance, grade two has 127 pupils and about half of them sit on the floor,” he said.

“We have 59 in grade one and they sit in a small class that was initially meant to be a staffroom,” added Bw. Mruche.

Grade three class has 147 learners, with a quarter of the number sitting on the floor and the rest sharing desks.

Meanwhile, human rights activist Caleb Ng’wena has said more ought to have been done to ensure schools were ready for the JSS classes.

“Was this system planned before it was implemented?” questioned Ng’wena.

Ng’wena called on the Mombasa county government and the sub-county to ensure the current situation of the school is addressed.