Kwale County partners with KwaNPUD to fight substance abuse

Heroin with a syringe and spoon. Kwale County has partnered with KwaNPUD in fight against substance abuse./COURTESY

The Kwale County government and the Kwale Network of People Using Drugs (KwaNPUD) have partnered to fight substance abuse in the county.

Speaking during a meeting with KwaNPUD Executive Director, Salim Ahmed, Kwale Executive Committee Member for Social Services and Talent Management (SSTM) Francisca Kilonzo said that the county had put in place measures to ensure that those suffering from substance abuse disorder get treated and rehabilitated at the Kombani Rehabilitation center.

“Our facility is fully equipped by the county government, right now we have over 25 drug addicts who receive in-house care. We release them after every three months after they have at least recovered and let them continue with home care as we recruit others,” she said.

Through the Department of Social Services and Talent Management, Kwale County is collaborating with various stakeholders in fighting the drug menace that has been experienced among youth at the coastal line of the country.

Ahmed Said, the Executive Director of KwaNPUD lauded the county government’s efforts of ensuring drug addicts get rehabilitated.

KwaNPUD Executive Director Ahmed Said shares a copy of ‘The Scarred Walk’. The book represents the lived realities of brought in by Sexual Gender Based Violence [SGBV] and any forms of human rights violations faced by the PWUDs.

Said, who is also a recovering addict, expressed his gratitude to the county for initiating programs that have been financially supporting recovering addicts.

Ahmed who is also the Coast Region Representative at Kenya Network of People Using Drugs has been fighting the battle for more than 15 years.

He said KwaNPUD will collaborate with the county government in organizing and conducting campaigns against drug abuse.

The campaigns will be conducted in schools and institutions.