Seaweed branding to increase market

Harvested seaweed by Kibuyuni Women Group./COURTESY

The government is planning on supporting seaweed farmers through branding.

Mining, Blue Economy and Maritime Affairs Cabinet Secretary, Salim Mvurya, says the move will help expand the seaweed market.

“Seaweed farming is a project which is helping women in the fish communities to earn their income. If you go to Kibuyuni in Kwale today, you will find that the group is doing very well,” said CS Salim Mvurya.

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“We now want to focus on branding so that away from what they are doing now, they can attract market. Market that will make seaweed available for consumption but also make seaweed products available for wananchi, and that will actually inspire them to have revenue and income for their families,” he added.

Women in Kibuyuni take a rest after harvesting sacks of seaweed./COURTESY

The government is currently supporting seaweed farmers through the processing of seaweed soap and lotion.

“My advice to the community around the Indian Ocean is that seaweed farming is highly income generating and it is highly encouraged,” said CS Mvurya.

CS Mvurya was speaking in Mombasa when he appeared before the Senate Standing Committee on Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries.