Supervisor helps KCPE candidate deliver baby during exams

A photo of a pregnant school girl./COURTESY

A candidate sitting for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) on Monday gave birth during the examination.

The candidate gave birth at Chang’ombe primary school in Rabai area, during the exams which kicked off on Monday 28th November 2022.

According to Joyce Mwamusi, a KCPE examinations supervisor at the school, the candidate started having labour pain during the English paper.

However, she says the learner was overwhelmed during the afternoon test and they had to help her give birth at the school before taking her to the hospital.

“She started complaining of labour pain at around 12:20 pm during the English paper and I managed to talk to her to finish the paper. The pain subsided during lunch. At around 2:30 pm during the English Composition exams, she started feeling pain again and was only able to write her name on the paper,” said Mwamusi.

“I called officials from the Ministry of Education, and also called CEC Director and asked for assistance to take the girl to Shika Adabu health center,” she added.

Mwamusi said the ambulance arrived at the school some minutes past four when they had already helped in delivering the baby.

“Before the ambulance arrived we had already called the candidate’s mother and told her to bring some clothes and razor. So I helped deliver the baby and cut the umbilical cord,” she said.

She also indicated that another candidate in the school is also pregnant.

“She will sit the remaining papers at the hospital. We will take the remaining papers to her because she was admitted due to some tears,” she said.

Edited by Joyce Jura