‘I’m back to bring home respect’ Dazlah

Musician Dazlah Kiduche at Baraka FM studio./BARAKA FM

Kenyan musician Dazlah says he is back in the music scene to win back the country’s respect.

“My goal is to bring respect back home to Kenya so that when my music plays internationally, people will know that this good music is from a Kenyan artist. I’m the only artist from Mombasa to have done more shows outside Kenya and I have performed at places where they don’t understand Swahili. But my aim has been to market our music internationally,” Dazlah said.

Speaking on Baraka FM’s Pozi 254 show, Dazlah said that during his 3-year absence he had been working on things related to music which included a benchmarking trip to Tanzania’s record label Wasafi as well as music that suits him and his new management, Shirko Media.

“Babu Tale (Tanzanian talent manager) told me to sit with WCB artists and understand what they do to push their music and what I need to add to my music and also got to know about music and sales”, he said.

He added that he wanted to be identified as a Kenyan artist and not only a coastal Kenyan musician because he feels his music is a reflection of the country, not just a region.

He pinpointed the importance of an artist in being under management saying it makes work easier because it is a team effort and everyone plays their part well for the common goal.  

The ‘Kidekide’ hitmaker has been the talk of the town with issues regarding his management for a while but looks settled.

His fans who have been asking for his return also seemed happy with the new Ep he has released dubbed ‘The Future’ consisting of five songs.

Speaking about the new project he said; “I have over 50 songs that I have recorded over the period but we just chose the five songs first to mark my return”.