62-year-old Rabai man hangs himself over military jets

A 62-year-old man in Rabai, Kilifi County hanged himself claiming that military jets were after him./COURTESY

A 62 year old man in Bofu, Rabai sub-county has committed suicide claiming military jets were after him.

Murui Kibe hanged himself on a mango tree outside his house using a leso.

According to his kin, the deceased was unsettled and adamant that the military jets flying above had been sent to arrest him.

“I tried reassuring him that the jets were on practise and not after him,” the brother to the deceased said.

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 He further says that they then retired to bed with no worries.

“However, early morning, we were informed a man had hanged himself at the farm, when we went to check, it was our brother’s body,” he added

The body had been found by pupils who were heading to school.

The kin said the deceased was mentally ill and was always full of worries over many things some bizzare.

“There were times he could claim that boda-boda riders were after him especially when he heard sounds of their revving engines,” he revealed.

Police were yet to pick the body at the time of going to press.