Make voting mandatory, recommends Haki Africa

Haki Africa Executive Director Hussein Khalid at Haki Africa offices./Baraka FM

MOMBASA: Human Rights group Haki Africa wants voting be made mandatory in the country.

While releasing the report on the observation of the 2022 General Elections, HAKI Africa Executive Director Hussein Khalid said this will also improve voter turn-out.

“For democracy to succeed, participation is crucial. HAKI Africa is proposing to make voting mandatory for every Kenyan adult just as it is to register for a national ID,” said Khalid.

“This will do away with processes such as registration of voters as every Kenyan with an ID will be assumed will vote,” he added.

The human rights organization also wants the elections to be split into two.

They say that in the five-year term, elections should be held twice.

“Considering the strain elections have on all parties including the State, IEBC, police and the people, it is imperative that the country considers splitting the elections into two,” read the report by Haki Africa.

Haki Africa suggests that the country should first have a National elections; for the Presidency, Member of National Assembly and Women Representative, then later have County elections which will have Governor, Senator and Member of County Assembly.

“The two elections can be held at intervals of two and a half years,” the report explained.

Other recommendations from Haki Africa for a more Human Rights responsive elections are; IEBC overseeing Party nominations and introduction of voter education in schools.

“To address the issue of voter apathy and need to undertake voter education every time the election nears, voter education should be incorporated in schools syllabus. The Ministry of Education can determine the best time to introduce the subject, preferably in high school,” read the Haki Africa report.

They also recommend proportional representation.