Ugandan women hold protests against their husbands

Several women were arrested in Kampala, Uganda for holding illegal protests against their husbands. The women say their spouses are not leaving enough upkeep money for them./COURTESY

A group of Ugandan women were on Monday morning arrested for holding protests against their husbands.

The women held a protest in Kampala to air out grievances against their husbands.

Police stop a protest in Kampala, that was being held by Ugandan women against their husbands./COURTESY

The women were arrested and taken to Central Police Station in Kampala for what police termed as an illegal protest.

The women were demonstrating over little ‘Kameeza’ (upkeep) money given by their husbands saying it was not enough.

Ugandan women during the protests that were held in Kampala. They complained of lack of appreciation from their husbands./COURTESY

They also complained about lack of appreciation from their husbands with some saying their husbands were eating elsewhere instead of eating food prepared for them by their wives.