Low vaccine uptake threatens COVID-19 spike in Mombasa

A health worker takes a sample /file

By Bramwel Cheng’wali

The department of health in Mombasa county has warned of an upsurge of Covid-19 cases should people fail to observe the health protocols set out by the ministry of health.

Recently the government uplifted some of the protocols against the virus like mandatory wearing of face masks.

According to Mombasa county health chief officer, Pauline Oginga most of the health utilities in the county administer less than twenty covid-19 doses daily.

She was addressing the media in Mombasa on Wednesday.

‘As a department we have only administered five thousand vaccines have been administered since lifting of some of the measure of containing covid- 19’’. She noted.

She further pointed out,’’ The number of those seeking vaccines has reduced drastically in the recent days’’.

Oginga said Kenyans might have misinterpreted the information from the ministry of health on covid regulation.

‘The move by the government meant well for the economy of the country but people got it wrongly’, she noted.

She appealed to Mombasa residents to come out in large numbers and get vaccinated as the battle with the pandemic is still on.

‘Covid-19 is still with us let us not relax’, she said.

She further revealed that over fourty thousand covid-19 expired vaccines had been returned to Nairobi as the government cannot administer expired drugs.

‘We have measures in place to ensure we do not give expired vaccines’ said Oginga