9 injured in Likoni machete attack

Victims of the Likoni attack in an ambulance. Photo: courtesy

At least 9 people are nursing injuries following machete attacks in Likoni, Mombasa County on Sunday night.

According to witnesses, a group of 40 men armed with machetes descended on three villages of Misufini, Jamvi la Wageni and Harambee in coordinated attacks against random residents.

They allegedly started attacking people who were walking on the road.

” I saw a group of people by the road. One the men hit me with a club on my head and i fell down, when i gained strength i tried to run away but my leg dislocated”, said one victim.

However, it was not immediately established the motive of the attack.

Another eye witness said the group was coordinated since they were in groups of ten.

” They were shouting tutawamaliza leo! as they hit our windows with panga”, he said.

Some of the injured were rushed to Coast General Hospital.

Baraka FM has seen photos of victims with head injuries, and bandages on hands believed to be from the attack.

Police are yet to issue a statement on the incident.