Shame as Chiefs operate under trees in Ganze

A chief in Kilifi County. photo: courtesy

Chiefs and sub-chiefs in Ganze Constituency are operating under trees due to lack of offices.

According to Ganze Mp Teddy Mwambire, majority of chiefs and sub-chiefs have no office despite working directly under the office of the president.

He says its shameful for such officers to walk around with files, pens and government rubberstamps because of lack of an office.

” How can under a tree be an office of the president?, This is very shameful for the country”, he stated.

Speaking while launching construction project for chief’s office, Mwambire said most of the administrative officer’s offices in his area are dilapidated because they were built after independence and have never been renovated.


He also accused the government of downplaying the dire hunger situation in Ganze.

According to the Mp, hunger in Ganze has claimed lives.

” They are not telling the truth which is that up to 200,000 people are facing starvation and some have died already due to hunger”, he added.