Magarini residents living in fear of hippos

Hippos stuck in the mud at the Lake Kenyatta in Mpeketoni,Lamu. photo:file

Residents of Sabaki ward, Magarini Constituency, Kilifi County will now have to go home early over fears of attacks by marauding hippos.

Area sub-chief Rachel Malingi cautioned residents against staying outside their houses past 7 pm after hippos were sighted roaming about.

The hippo’s habitats are the nearby river Sabaki and they come out at night to graze.

Locals led by Said Mohammed said villagers are living in fear of going out of their houses at night due to the hippos.

He said the hippos have also been sighted in villagers like Kibokoni, Moi, and Maporomokoni.

“We can’t even walk as early as 7 pm in those villagers because of the hippos. They have even destroyed our crops”, he added.

However, Maingi said Kenya Wildlife Service personnel have been notified about the invading hippos and will soon take action.

” Those who work in river Galana should leave early for their homes and also those living nearby ensure by darkness you are in your house until KWS come to contain the situation”, she said.