Gov’t abandons truck drivers at Miritini COVID-19 testing center


Long-distance truck drivers have accused the government of creating a delay at its COVID-19 testing center at Miritini, Mombasa County.

Led by the Long-distance truck drivers secretary General Masoud Mwatela, they have accused the government of abandoning drivers seeking COVID-19 certificates for three days without any help.

He said more than 200 drivers are currently stranded at the center with little help coming their way.

Mwatela claimed some officers at the center told them that the government has ordered them to work only once a week.

“Even at Malaba border, no testing is happening because there are no kits. It’s like there is no coronavirus in Kenya again that’s why the government is acting like this”, he lamented.

On his part, the associations’ chairperson  Roman Waema, has threatened to sue the government for violating the rights of long-distance truck drivers in the country.

“ The government doesn’t care because some people are transporting the containers through the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR). However for us as truck drivers, we are affected by this delay and lack of testing at Miritini,” he added.

Waema also claimed they are being blocked from accessing the port of Mombasa over expired covid-19 certificates.

“If there is no corona, let us continue with our normal lives. we are tired of being mistreated here”, he lamented