Joho rubbishes formation of new Coast political party

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho. He says that he will not allow any political gathering to be held in Mombasa and has asked police to arrest leaders found holding them./COURTESY

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Deputy Party Leader Ali Hassan Joho has dismissed the formation of a new political party for the Coast region.

In a statement, Joho said that the formation of a new party intends to divide the Coastal people and tamper with the unity that people in the region have been enjoying in ODM.

Joho also rebuked some MPs from the region for being behind the push for a new party .

A group of current and former Mps from the Coast have for some time now been going around the region talking of forming a new political party supposedly to champion the interests of residents.

“There is nothing new in this push. It is the usual case of people trying to earn a living through fraud and conmanship whose godfather Kenyans know only too well. “Joho said

“The people behind this push are leaders and others rejected in the previous elections who have essentially sold their souls to Deputy President William Ruto,” He added

He urged leaders from the region to push for unity instead of what he termed as divisions if they mean well for the region.

Joho also blasted Deputy president William Ruto terming him as an enemy to the development of the Coast region.

“ As ODM Deputy Party Leader who has seen the Coast region gain substantially in development projects since President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga joined hands, I can state without a doubt that the greatest enemy to the development of the Coast was and will always be, Ruto.”Joho said

He urged leaders from the region who are dissatisfied to quit.

“I, therefore, advise these leaders, who are acting for the DP, to cut down on drama, join him and the party he has already formed,” he added