Fear grips village in Magarini over lions attack


Fear has gripped Changoto village in Adu, Kilifi County after three stray lions invaded the area and attacked livestock.

Local chief Patrick Charo said the situation had also frightened pupils who are now reluctant to go to school.

He warned residents against walking in the dark to avoid being attacked by the lions.

The lions are believed to be trailing a herd of cattle belonging to pastoralists who pitched camped in the area.

“We have warned people not to walk aimlessly in the night, we believe the lions are from a nearby park and are roaming in search of food”, he said.

According to Charo, the lions were spotted by two boys who were heading to their farm early Monday morning before raising an alarm.

Kenya Wildlife Officers have already been notified by residents who want them to speed up capturing the lions.

Malindi and Magarini KWS Warden Jane Gitau said they had already set traps to catch the lions.