American Travel Vlogger accuses Lamu boyfriend of conning her

American vlogger Kesi Irvin who has accused a Lamu man of coning and blocking her PHOTO COURTESY

American Travel Vlogger Kesi Irvin has recalled an incident when she was allegedly conned and dumped when travelling in Lamu.

In a published piece on Travel Noire, a digital media site that tells the experiences of travelers of color,Kesi said she fell in love with the Lamu man in September 2018.

“Since the old town was small, it was easy to recognize the locals who would hang out on the streets. Towards the end of my week’s stay, I noticed a new face on the streets. I locked eyes with this dreamy Kenyan boy, and once he smiled, I completely melted.” Kesi recalls.

She bumped into the same man again while hanging out with friends and when their eyes locked again, he decided to invite her to join their table.

“He stole me away from the small crowd to take a walk down the beach and gave me a romantic kiss.This kiss began our new love affair. For the next three days, we spent all our moments together, and I was falling hard and fast for this guy.” Kesi recalls.

The blogger who is the founder of the Kesi to and Fro vlog says she was swept away by the smooth talking man and ended up paying for his meals and buying him a phone as she had already envinsioned a future with him.

“Like a true charmer, he knew all of the right things to say. Whether it was “I am a poor man, but I’m rich in my heart,” or “you are the only person I want and I would love to marry you,” Kesi recalls.

The IVY league graduate would later tell her mum that she was ready to settle with the man when their relationship took an abrupt turn after his three week lover told her he could no longer communicate with her as he had a pregnant wife in Spain .

“He eventually admitted he had a pregnant wife in Spain and that during Kesi’s trip he had been in Nairobi to sort out his passport and visa to visit Spain.The three weeks our romance lasted, was all a lie. He is now living in Spain and has blocked me on all social media.” She said.

However, the blogger who quit her prestigious finance job in New York to concentrate on travelling has choosen to hide identity of her shortlived lover.