Moi was tough on corruption-cleric


Retired president Daniel Moi did not tolerate corrupt individuals in his government.

Malindi Jesus celebration center bishop Thomas Kakala  said corruption index during Moi reign was lower compared to the current government.

“ Moi could sack you anytime thus most ministers and government employees towed the line especially on corruption vices’, he said.

Bishop Kakala says Moi was a good hearted leader who also loved Kenyans.

Apart from being God fearing, Moi ruled Kenya without prejudice or discrimination”, claimed the Bishop.

He also extolled the good economic times under Moi regime which made the lives of ordinary Kenyans better.

Bishop Kakala also challenged President Uhuru Kenyatta to be tough on corruption as Moi.

The former president died on Wednesday 4th at Nairobi Hospital aged 95.