Baby ‘stolen’ outside Mikindani medical found suffering from Hypoglycemia

An African mother and her infant. PHOTO COURTESY

A newborn baby who was on Tuesday alleged to have been stolen outside the Mikindani medical center in Jomvu sub-county on Tuesday has been found.

According to the Hospital in charge Robin Mwenda, the baby was brought into the facility by police officers at around midday in poor state of health.

Mwenda who spoke to Baraka FM on Thursday said the baby was suffering from Hypoglycemia which is a condition caused by low blood sugar .

“ The baby’s health has deteriorated  and he has an infection on his umbilical cord and his temperatures are high. We suspect all those conditions might have been caused by not being breastfed and we are trying to stabilize him before we can refer him to the Coast Provincial General Hospital” Mwenda said.

According to 25-year-old Victoria Charo, the mother of the baby, an unknown woman who had walked outside the hospital  with her took off with her baby on Tuesday evening.

Mikindani medical on the spot over missing newborn

 “When I was being discharged there arose complications and the hospital told me I had not been admitted in the NHIF system since I had arrived at the hospital late on Sunday evening. They then advised me to change my baby’s date of birth to Tuesday in order to benefit from the NHIF Linda mama cover”, Charo claims.

Charo claimed the unknown woman who had walked with her outside the hospital and was seemingly pregnant duped her to handover her baby under mysterious circumstances minutes after she left the facility.

According to the Jomvu OCPD Jashon Polloh,the baby was rescued by a multiagency team  brought to the station before being taken to the facility.

Jason said no one had been arrested but the lady who had been handed over the baby under mysterious circumstances was recording a statement to assist in investigations.