Mikindani medical on the spot over missing newborn

An Ambulance belonging to the Mikindani medical centre which has been put on the spotlight after a woman lost her baby outside the Facility PHOTO COURTESY

A health facility in Mombasa has been put on the spot after a woman claimed that the facility connived with an unknown woman to steal her newborn baby minutes after she was discharged.

According to 25 year old Victoria Charo,  an unknown woman who had walked outside the hospital  with her took off with her baby on Tuesday evening.

Charo claims she arrived at the facility on Sunday evening before giving birth at 11.00pm.

However her baby developed complications prompting the doctors to put her under medical care.

“ On Monday, I asked the doctors what is the state of my baby and they told me they could not release us since the baby’s pressure was still high”, Charo said.

Charo who was discharged on Tuesday evening has accused the hospital of colluding with the woman who snatched her baby.

“When I was being discharged there arose complications and the hospital told me I had not been admitted in NHIF system since I had arrived at the hospital late on Sunday evening. They then advised me to change my baby’s date of birth to Tuesday in order to benefit from the NHIF Linda mama cover”, Charo claims.

Mysterious woman

Charo claims that an unknown woman who was seemingly pregnant duped her to handover her baby under mysterious circumstances minutes after she left the facility .

She claimed that efforts to have the hospital help her trace the unknown woman who had taken off with her baby fell on deaf ears.

“ When I realized my baby was missing I ran back to the facility and explained to them what had just happened but they did not want to listen to me. I tried to tell them to hand me their CCTV footage but they refused” Charo added.

However, the hospital has absolved itself from blame insisting they do not have authority on  friends and relatives who visit their patients.

“ The incident happened outside the hospital and we cannot really know who she was since  we do not have any authority over friends and relatives who visit our patients during discharge or visit hours,” Robin Mwenda, the hospital in-charge told Baraka FM.

“ The incident is under investigation and we are cooperating with police officers to hand over our CCTV footage to help with investigations” Mwenda added.