Wako hits back at US gov’t over ‘corrupt deals’ remarks

Busia Senator Amos Wako has asked the United States government to table evidence which had him slapped with a US travel ban.

In a media briefing at parliamentary buildings on Wednesday,Wako argued that he has not been served with any notification on the same saying he has not been involved in corrupt dealings.

“Let them share evidence of my corrupt deals, let them disclose it to the people of Kenya,” Wako said

“I have not been mentioned, investigated nor prosecuted in regards to any corruption case. I was a witness in the Angloleasing scandal, I was perplexed that without notification, a travel ban was announced on 18th of November when I was in Kampala,” he added

The US department had issued a statement banning Wako , his wife Flora Ngaira and his son Julius  Wako from stepping in the US or engaging in any business in the US.

He pointed that there is the need for the department to exonerate his family members from the ban arguing that it is unfair for the family to carry a cross of his accusation which does not entail any proof.

This is the second time Wako is being profiled having first been profiled in 2009.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that the US department of state has profiled at least 10 Kenyan politicians a potential ban.