Few Kenyans reporting corruption incidents

The number of Kenyans reporting corruption incidents to the relevant authorities has significantly dropped ;according to a survey released  by Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission.
According to the survey the reportage dropped from 6.7% in 2017 to  5.8% in 2018.
It emerged that 35% of Kenyans are willing to get involved in bribery with 18.7%  of Kenyans willing to bribe to get employment, another 14% will give a general bribe to access services.

 9.5% will bribe to hasten services, 9.3% to avoid problems with authorities and 5.9% to avoid police arrest.

 2.9% of Kenyans bribe to access medical services, 1.6% bribe to obtain an I.D.

The bribe given to the regular police stood at 17% as 16% was registered at chief’s offices compared to 6% to the Ministry of Lands,indicates the survey.

According to the survey, the average bribe has dropped from Sh5, 058 recorded in 2017 to Sh3,833 in 2018, the lowest recorded since 2012.

The survey covered all the 47 counties with 5,942 respondents and 10 key informants, and was was conducted from November 16 to December 19, 2018