Police officer arrested after threatening to shoot love rival

A police vehicle.A police officer was on Monday arrested after threatening to shoot his love rival PHOTO COURTESY

A police officer attached to the Industrial area police station in Nairobi was on Monday arrested he threatened to shoot a man he accused of snatching away his girlfriend.

The police officer identified Sammy Wabomba is reported to caused commotion in Kamongo village in landmawe after he threatened to shoot anyone on sight.

The police officer thereafter shoot twice in the air and threatened to shoot his love rival who has been identified as Alias Kimka.

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According to a police report, the said officer who is a bank guard had picked the firearm he used to fire with in the air in the morning but instead of proceeding to his work station which is the KCB Likoni road branch, he proceeded to the village where he caused the commotion.

The officer who was arrested and disarmed is expected to be arraigned in court.

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