MPs additional house allowance continues to recieve critism

MPs during a parliamentary session./COURTESY

The National taxpayers association (NTA) has criticised the move by the members of Parliament to increase their house allowances.

Speaking to journalists on Friday in Nairobi, NTA director Francisca Marama, said the MPs went against the constitution by adding themselves sh 250,000 every month for house allowances.

On 21st December 2017,the parliamentary service commission PSC moved to the High court to quash the Salary and Remuneration Commission Gazette notice 6517 of 2017 in which SRC,in discharging their mandate,had published the remuneration and benefit for state officers in the Senate and the national assembly.

The high court ruled in favor of the applicants PSC and with that single act,the gazette notice was set aside.

  • According to Marama, implementing the Gazette notice no 2886 of 2013, imposed on Kenyans an additional Ksh 35.2 million per month (sh. 422.9 Million per annum) as compensation for MPs.

” With this single action the dreams of Kenyan taxpayers for life saving cancer treatment, books for school ongoing children and fertilizer for farmers was sacrificed on the altar of our political leaders greed,” Marama said.

She added that, given that the cost of remunerating the Mps following the High court ruling is Kshs 447.9 Million per month,the country would save Kshs.35.2 Million per month if we were to implement the Gazette Notice No 6517 of 2017.

She further said that politicians and public service must take note that they are not the only players in the economy.

The association however, urged the Judiciary to expedite hearing cases of public interest to mitigate against potential loss of public funds.