Dandora traders to get new market

Trader in Nairobi./COURTESY

Nairobi, KENYA: Traders in Nairobi’s Dandora area can now breathe a sigh of relief after Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko directed for the construction of a new market in that region.

“I want a new market to be constructed here in Dandora where we have repossessed a grabbed piece of public land from a private developer. The private developer was illegally given an allotment letter by the previous regime, but I have instructed my Lands CEC Charles Kerich to revoke that letter to pave way for construction of the market,” said Sonko.

The Sonko administration is currently constructing City Park Market and Mwariro Market.

In addition, the governor has directed Trade and Commerce Executive Member Alan Igambi to ensure traders whose kiosks were destroyed to pave way for construction of the new Dandora Stadium get free modern shops in the complex.

“I want all the traders who were displaced by our project to be given first priority during allocation of stalls at the,” he added.

Igambi said that he has initiated the process after meeting the area MCA and some of the traders to speed up the exercise as instructed by the governor.

“I have already initiated the process and by next Week, we will brief the governor about the findings. This will be a big achievement to the locals,” he said.

Nairobi County Trade Chief Officer Fred Nzioka has assured that the construction of the new Dandora market will commence soon.

“As instructed by the Governor we are going to re-allocate funds in our department and ensure the market is constructed. I also want to assure the traders who were operating at Dandora stadium that they’ll get allocation of stalls once the Governor officially opens the stadium,” stated Nzioka.