Social media leading in propagating fake news,Research

According to research conducted by Infotrak pollster in collaboration with the Media Council of Kenya, social media is a major purveyor of fake news.
Launching the report in Nairobi on Thursday, The Media Council CEO David Omwoyo said that social media’s contribution to propagating fake news is at 36%.
The report indicated that community radio stations are second as a purveyor of fake news standing at 28 percent and the internet at nine percent.
In terms of news and information, it emerged that social media is catching up fast in the sphere standing at 54 percent.
In terms of the information, Facebook leads as a source of information at 32 percent, WhatsApp at 31 percent, Youtube at  12 percent, Instagram at 10 percent,  LinkedIn at two percent, Podcast one percent.
The survey also indicated that 52 percent of Kenyans are interested in news on television, 15 percent interested in watching soaps and 12 percent watching comedy.
During the research, 2,518 Kenyans were interviewed countrywide, from 18th to 25th of April 2019.
On the other hand, it emerged that there has been a spate of attacks meted on journalists is an issue.
The regional director of article 19 urged government agencies to take it seriously and protect journalists in the course of their duties.
He also urged media houses to have a safety protocol in the evacuation of journalists covering prone areas.
This year’s world press day theme is “Role of media in elections and democracy”