Mkamenyi residents stare at eviction following secret land deal

The vast Voi Sisal Estate.Mkamenyi estate residents are staring at a possible eviction following a controversial land deal that saw the estate transferred to a third party PHOTO COURTESY

Over 1000 families occupying the disputed Mkamenyi estate land located the vast Voi Sisal Estate are staring at a possible eviction after the 1953 sisal estate hectare land was allegedly transferred to a third party following the expiry of the lease.

The company in question is the Voi point limited which allegedly received the land from Voi Sisal Estate in a controversial sh 4.8 billion deal that has put the Voi Sub-county land control board on the spotlight.

Baraka FM has established that on January 29th, 2019, the board consented for the transfer of the land to a third party and on 13th March the board again consented for the land to be subdivided and change of land-use.

However, the residents have vowed not to allow themselves to be evicted from the land.

Speaking over the weekend, the residents led by George Mwanjala, the chairperson of the Mkamenyi cooperative society said the land was left by their ancestors back in 1990 way before the sisal plantation was established.

“The sisal plantation founders annexed our land into the plantation and started evicting people and gradually majority of them moved out leaving back their fertile land,” Mwanjala said.

Mwanjala said as residents they would not allow their land to be subdivided by the new owners.

During a Press conference in Wundanyi, governor Granton Samboja, senator Johnes Mwaruma and MPs Danson Mwashako and Andrew Mwadime  absolved the county from any blame and accused a local bank which was involved in the transfer of the land of colluding with the Voi Sisal Estate to transfer the1,953 hectares of land land to Voi Point Limited without involving the county government.