Zari accused of cheating with Psquare’s Peter Okoye

Diamond Platnumz and his baby mama Zari Hassan PHOTO COURTESY

WBC boss Diamond Platnumz has confirmed rumors that his ex, Zari Hassan, cheated on him.

In an interview with Wasafi FM on Tuesday, Diamond alleged that the Ugandan socialite did not only have an affair with Nigerian Peter Okoye formerly of P-Square duo but also had something going on with her Kenyan gym instructor.

Namheshimu Zari ni mzazi mwenzangu, alikuwa wife material. Alikuwa anatoka na Peter wa Psquare, niliwahi kukuta sms nikamuuliza. Alikuwa anachepuka pia na Trainer wake na alikua anamleta hadi kwangu, lakini sijawahi kufunguka,” said Platnumz.

The bongo crooner revealed that Zari’s despicable behavior made him fall victim of being a serial cheater.

In her response, Zari has termed the accusations baseless.

“He went on his radio station to tarnish my name. He alleged that I had a relationship with P-Square’s Peter, and another with my personal trainer… If you guys are going to believe a word that comes from him, the same man who denied his own blood, running on radio, doing tours…, then you are all stupid just like him. I am asking you to respect me; stay where you are; the kids and I are doing fine without you,” said Zari on Instagram.

Zari and Diamond, who have two children together, broke up on Valentines day last year.