Sonko declines to name Deputy, says no law compels him to do so

Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko appearing before the senate./COURTESY

Nairobi, KENYA: Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko has said that he will not appoint a new deputy governor until legislation backing the appointment is in place.

Speaking before Senate Devolution Committee, Sonko said that the derailment of the appointment has been occasioned by a loop hole of county laws that has not been passed by the legislature touching on the timelines of the appointing the office bearer.

He said that his bid to nominate activist Miguna Miguna was thwarted by county Assembly which rejected the nomination.

The Nairobi governor accused the legislature for failing to pass the legislation so as to permit him in fast tracking the appointment of his assistant.

“You have to put it in law, for now there is nothing I can comply to unless the law is passed and assented by the president,” Sonko said.

Sonko pointed that following the hitches he is consulting widely to make sure that there is due diligence in the process to avert any replica of what transpired during the Miguna Miguna appointment.