68 year old woman hospitalized following buffalo attack in Voi

An African Bufallo,A woman is nursing serious injuries in Voi after a Buffallo attacked her PHOTO FILE

A 68 year old woman is currently nursing serious injuries at the Moi referral hospital Voi after she was attacked by a buffalo few meters from her house in Mnengwa village.

Serah Mwaoka a single mother told Baraka FM that she was going to her daughters’ house when then marauding mammal attacked her.

“When I saw the buffalo, I tried to run but I tripped over and fell and that’s when it caught up with me and started attacking me,” Serah Mwaoka told Baraka FM from her hospital bed in Voi.

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Serah says the buffallo stopped attacking her after it heard the sound of a passing motorbike and the occupants of the motorbike rushed her to hospital.

However it was already too late as she had already sustained fractures on her arms , legs and neck.

This comes just days after a 12 year old girl was killed by an adult lioness in Maungu.