Otile Brown finally settling down?

Singer Otile Brown PHOTO FILE

Otile Brown may be finally settling down if what he has hinted on is anything to go by.

Otile Brown through his Instagram account has stated that they will be buying their first house together with his new Ethiopian girlfriend Nabayet.

“Mtu na pacha wake…babe @nabbi_ am buying us our first house next month Inshallah,” wrote Otile.

Otile Brown settling down plans comes after he had earlier stated that he was tired of dating socialites and wanted a “normal woman” who is not in the relationship for fame.


Otile Brown and his  Ethiopian girlfriend Nabayet PHOTO COURTESY

“Damn! I think am lonely. I need a “real woman” in my life sio Madanguro na watafuta kiki. Dem gani unadhani ametulia na ananifaa?? #BadMan #wegotnothingbutlove,” wrote Otile Brown

(I need a real woman not some pimp just after fame. Which woman do you think is good for me to settle down with?)

 Otile Brown now believes he has had enough experience with women and ready to settle down.

“tell e’m am done done , Nimewala sana, sai nimetulia staki mbwembwe. #BadMan #wegotnothingbutlove,” Otile wrote

(Let them know am done. I’ve had enough experience and have settled down I don’t want more drama)

Otile Brown has been in the limelight after being in an on and off relationship with socialite Vera Sidika before they finally called it quit in bitter exchange.