Eko Dydda addresses allegations of chasing away his wife and kids

Gospel artiste Eko Dyda and his wife and kids PHOTO COURTESY

Gospel artiste Eko Dydda has come out to refutes claims that he has chased his wife and children out.

The artiste who graced Parents magazine lately termed the allegation as a bad rumor that had no truth in it.

“You know me. I cannot dare do all that which is being alleged online. My wife and children are with me, and I do not know where that bad rumor came from. I, however, leave it to God to fight for me,”Eko Dydda told a local publication.

The rumor surfaced after a local publication alleged that Eko Dydda chased away his wife Cynthia Ayugi their two son’s Keep It Real and Am blessed on claims of infidelity from the singer’s side.

The singer went on to state that he is a firm believer of the existence of true love when money and fame are put aside after experiencing it first-hand.

“I see most people say true love doesn’t exist, and happily ever after is only in the movies. That is only true If he came for the beauty and she came for the money/fame/power, but if he/she is a gift from GOD then you will experience happily ever after and true love,”  wrote Eko on his Instagram.