Hygiene crisis looming at Buxton as public toilets fill

A Mombasa garbage truck. Mombasa is among the counties that have been put on Cholera high alert PHOTO COURTESY

Mombasa, KENYA: There is a looming hygiene crisis at the Buxton Matatu Park.

This follows the filling of toilets at the park and the situation has been made worse by the existence of an illegal dumpsite nearby.

PSV operators who spoke to Baraka FM said the toilets became full last year and their calls to the county government for intervention have fallen on deaf ears.

The operators who are now calling on the county government to act say they fear that the situation could trigger an outbreak of diseases including cholera.

According to Dennis Mwangi, a businessman who operates a snack kiosk in the area the situation has put their business under a hygiene crisis.

“The county officials said they would bring a truck once the toilets filled but that has not happened,” Mwangi said.

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Baraka FM has established that the situation has further been worsened by the blockage of drainage in the area by garbage from the nearby dumpsite.

This had further forced some commuters to put up with a foul smell from the area emanating from the garbage.

Karisa Ngumbao, a matatu operator in the area blames the garbage menace on the hawkers operating in the bus park.