Rift deepens between ailing Ommy Dimpoz and his father

Tanzanian singer Ommy Dimpoz who has made a comeback with a gospel song PHOTO COURTESY

Rift has deepened between ailing Tanzanian singer Omari Nyembo and his father Faraji Nyembo.

According to Tanzanian media reports, the singer who was recently discharged from hospital in Germany reportedly sent a messenger to his father warning him against speaking about his life or his health.

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Ommy’s father who is a motorcycle rider in Sumbawanga in Western Tanzania has in the past been outspoken about his son’s music career and his health however unknown to him, Ommy was reportedly getting more and more fed up with his father talking to journalists.

It is well remembered that it was Mzee Faraji who first broke the news of Ommy’s hospitalization at the University Hospital of Dusseldorf, Germany.

His father later revealed that he was under the care of the Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho after being discharged.

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Speaking to the Amani Newspaper in Tanzania, Mzee Faraji confirmed that indeed Ommy had warned him against speaking about him saying he was surprised that it had gotten to that level with his estranged son.

“Nilikuwa namzungumzia kwa uzuri tu mwanangu na kumtetea kwa wale wanaomsema vibaya lakini kaona nilikuwa nafanya vibaya, nimekubaliana naye kwa kuwa hata hainisaidii kitu chochote katika maisha yangu,”

(I was doing so in good faith in a bid to clarify the bad rumors that were swirling around about him. But since he thinks it was not right of me I have no option but to stop since he does not help me anyway) “Faraji told the newspaper.

This is not the first time that Ommy Dimpoz has clashed with his father.

Last year Mzee Faraji told journalists that Ommy Dimpoz should not attend his funeral should he pass away saying his kin in Tabora would beat him for abandoning his father.

Faraji further said that his phone calls to the baadaye hitmaker never go through.