Teen who sold kidney to purchase iPhone now paralyzed

An I phone 4, a man who sold his kidney in order to purchase an iphone 4 in 2011 is now paralyzed PHOTO COURTESY

A Chinese teen who sold his right kidney to purchase an iPhone and iPad has been left bedridden for life after suffering from renal deficiency.

 Wang Shangkun now 25yrs old sold who sold his right kidney in 2011 aged 17 years is now bedridden, disabled and in constant need of care and dialysis according to Chinese media reports.

Wang had advertised the organ when he met three middlemen on  Chinese online chatting platform QQ before traveling from his home town in Eastern Anhui province to Southern province where the deal was sealed.

Wang later purchased an iPhone 4 and an iPad 2 Which at the time were a status symbol unaware that it would cost him 7 years down the line.

With demand for kidneys being on high demand in China following human organ trade ban by the Chinese government in 2007 Wang reportedly was paid a paltry 22,000 yuan ($3,226), less than 10 percent of the total profit made by the middlemen.

His parents who later learned of the transaction after seeing their son with the apple gadgets informed authorities who launched investigations into the incident.

Five people among them a surgeon and medical staff who conducted the operation were later arrested in connection to the trade.

Wang, who made headlines on social media consequently dropped out of school is now forced to lie in bed all day depending entirely on his family to watch over him as he suffers from renal failure.