Harmonize’s manager quits accusing the singer of pride

Former Wasafi records singer Harmonize PHOTO COURTESY

Tanzanian singer Harmonize has separated with his longtime manager Joel Vincent aka Mr Puaz.

Mr Puaz who previously worked with singer Shetta announced the news of the separation on Thursday in an interview with BBC Swahili saying fame had gotten into the singers head making him a proud and arrogant man.

Mr Puaz added that the latest development in the singers character has brought about constant wrangles in the working relationship.

” Naelewa kwamba ni kijana mdogo ambaye ametoka kwa familia ya umaskini lakini utajiri na umaruufu aliopata kutokana na kufanikiwa kwa muziki wake kumeadhiri tabia yake”

( I understand that he (harmonize) is a young man who is from a humble background but fame and success has gotten into his head and affected his character) Joel was quoted by BBC Swahili.

Mr. Puaz further added that he made a decision to quit working with the singer after the Mombasa edition of the Wasafi festival and the Wasafi classic baby boss Diamond Platnumz was okay with his decision.

This comes just a few days after fans blamed the Wasafi crew for below average performance at the Wasafi festival held at the Uhuru gardens in Nairobi.

Harmonize himself has chosen to ignore Mr Puaz’s claims, but instead, he called on DJ’s and media houses who are interested in him making a drop for them to contact him directly.