Teachers strike on course as TSC snubs reconciliatory meeting

Nairobi, KENYA: Kenya National Union of Teachers has said that the teachers strike scheduled for 2nd January is on course.
Speaking in Nairobi KNUT secretary general Wilson Sossion said that the strike will be on after it emerged that the talks amongst aggrieved parties have so far not been successful.
Sossion accused teachers employer TSC of snubbing a meeting scheduled by the Ministry of labor led committee thus prompting them to affirm that the strike was still on course.
“We want to tell the public that we are honest and here, we could have been with our families but we are here in Nairobi, where is the honesty from the employer ?”Sossion quizzed
However, Sossion insisted that they are ready for talks which will lead to the amicable truce of the matter.
December 2018, the union had announced that as from 2nd of January 2019 teachers will go on with the strike if the government will not address the teachers’ plight.
Raft issues engulfing the strike include, demands that mass transfers be halted, appraisals and promotions stalemate and implementation of new curriculum.
Parents Association vehemently opposed the union’s push to see the strike going through.