Kwale Health officers put on spot over poor services

Msambweni referral hospital where health officers have been accused of rendering poor services./Brivian Simiyu

Kwale, KENYA: Kwale health officers providing poor services will lose their jobs.

Kwale Governor Salim Mvurya has called for the sacking of all health officers accused of providing poor health services in the county.

Speaking on Monday after opening the county’s largest blood bank project worth sh.32 million at the Msambweni referral hospital, Mvurya directed the minister for health to carry out investigations into the poor health services rendered at the county’s largest referral hospital.

“From today, we will shift our focus to personnel level and will no longer be concerned with buildings and infrastructure. I am directing the CEC member for health that any nurse or doctor who fails to meet our performance card should be fired immediately without even consulting me,” he said.

The county boss affirmed that patients were being denied certain services at the hospital by some health workers despite county’s commitment to improve health services at the facility.

“Patients are being told there are no drugs in public hospitals, others are told that certain machines are not working,” he said adding that any dishonest or corrupt staff will not be condoned.

Kwale deputy Governor Fatuma Achani said that county government has invested heavily in the health sector but access to quality medical care has been derailed particularly at the county’s referral hospital.

“I receive many calls from patients because of poor services at the facility. People are forced to access medical services through the National Hospital Insurance Fund NHIF card or else they are told to go and buy drugs from chemists when we have them,” she said.