Persons living with disabilities used to ferry drugs in Mombasa

A gathering during the 2018 World Disability Day celebrations in Mombasa./ Victoria Ndoro

Mombasa, KENYA: A section of persons living with disabilities (PWDs) in Mombasa County are being used to transport hard drugs.

According to national campaign against drug abuse (NACADA) board Director George Ogalo, most PWDs are being used to ferry drugs because of poverty.

Speaking in Mombasa during world disability day celebration, Ogalo warned drug barons against using people living with disabilities in their business.

“If we get you using these people to ferry drugs, you will be arrested and prosecuted,” he warned.

He also cautioned PWDs from being used to engage in illicit activities.

Nacada also raised concerns over the number of PWDs in Mombasa County who are drug addicts, saying that 35 per cent of them were immersed in drug abuse which is a worrying trend.

Meanwhile, Janet Ruwa from the National Council of people with disabilities has urged the community to seek for bursaries for their children by ensuring they are registered.

“Few disabled persons do not register due to lack of money. However, I encourage them to come out and register so as to benefit. Disability is not inability,” she said.

The number of people with disabilities registered in Mombasa stand at 3700.