Is Diamond trying to woo Nandy to join Wasafi?

Tanzanian singer Nandy PHOTO COURTESY

Diamond Platnumz could be trying to woo high flying Tanzanian singer Nandy to join his label Wasafi classic Baby.

This is following his latest revelation where he hinted that Nandy might be admiring the label and confused on whether to join.

Talking to reporters in Mtwara last week Diamond said that Nandy loves WCB even if she won’t publicly say it.

“Even if she goes around, Nandy’s blood is WCB’s when she bleeds; you will definitely know that she loves WCB. Let us not live in denial because we are all musicians” Diamond was quoted saying by Tanzanian media.

However, Nandy herself has seemed to deny any reports of her wanting to join the label.

In an interview with Dr. Kingori on the trend, Nandy who was asked how hard it was for her to be an independent artist in a country where every artist is attached to a label seemed to say that there was nothing more than a mentor-mentee relationship between her and the label owners.

“Everybody has his or her own management. Before one becomes an artist he or she has gotten support from somewhere and not everyone is getting into wasafi, everyone has his or her own label just like I do.” She responded.

Nandy is currently in Kenya for the recording of Coke studio where she has been paired with Nigerian artiste Skales.