Is European super league a pipe dream?

UEFA Champions League draw. PHOTO: FILE

Proposed plans for a breakaway European Super League are “fiction” – according to the two most powerful officials in European football.

Uefa president Aleksander Ceferin and Andrea Agnelli, the chairman of the influential European Club Association (ECA) which represents over 200 leading teams, say they are “united” – despite recently leaked documents claiming secret talks had been held over the creation of a new elite league.

“The Super League will not happen. It is in a way a fiction now or a dream,” said Ceferin.

Agnelli, who is also chairman of Juventus – one of the teams reported to be a potential founding member of the Super League – added: “I can confirm we have never seen, never discussed, never been involved in the creation of this document.

“We are fully engaged with Uefa in shaping the game going forward.”

Will there be a breakaway?

German publication Der Speigel claims to have documents which show a new Super League could be up and running by 2021 – featuring the biggest clubs from Spain, Italy, Germany, England and France.

Source: Bbc sports