Rights group blame SGR on rising insecurity in Mombasa

Police on patrol in Mombasa.11 Suspects have been arrested after a Sunday attack left more than 10 people injured PHOTO COURTESY

Mombasa, KENYA: Human rights group Haki Africa has blamed the entry of the standard gauge railway line to the rising cases of insecurity in Mombasa.

In a statement released on Wednesday, the rights group says the closure of clearing and forwarding companies due to the entry of the SGR has rendered many youths in the county jobless hence contributing to the rampant cases of insecurity.

“The closure of clearing and forwarding companies due to the transportation of cargo to Nairobi directly from the port has rendered many jobless and idle” The rights group said.

The rights group attributes other reasons such as the easy availability of guns and bad parenting as possible contributors.

The rights group says statistics show that 20 were killed in Mombasa in the month of September while several were injured by criminal gangs.

‘The organization is calling on security and social actors to work together to address above issues and ensure peace and security is enhanced’ said executive director Hussein Khalid.

This comes just a few weeks after a university student was lynched and set ablaze by a community vigilante group which mistook him for a motorbike thief in Kisauni sub-county.