MP’s raise alarm on contraband Mumias sugar

Branded Mumias sugar.The government will implement the recomendations of the sugar taskforce country./FILE

Nairobi,KENYA: A section of members of parliament has said that there are incidents of repackaging  of fake Mumias sugar which is in circulation across the country.

In a media briefing at parliamentary buildings led by ANC nominated member of parliament Godffrey Osotsi, the MP’s said that even though Mumias sugar halted production of sugar, there has been incidences of repackaging of the commodity that has been availed to various selling points In the country.

They accuse barons of using the shooting down of sugar report in parliament ads a leeway  to sabotage the sector by infuriating the commodity into the market

“We are surprised, that Mumias sugar branded sugar ,is on our shelves. I am here and this is Mumias  sugar brand .you  see this sugar does not  have the production  date, it does not have the expiry date .”Osotsi said

He indicated that they have a concrete evidence which shows that the commodity is available in various outlets including supermarkets.

“Yesterday I visited  one of the supermarkets where this sugar was bought, and they confirmed to me that they received large quantities of Mumias sugar, which was quickly bought from the shelves .”Osotsi said

They pointed that they fail to understand as to why the commodity is in the market and yet Mumias Sugar has not produced any sugar for the past six months due to cane shortage, maintenance and bulge of debts.

They indicated that there is a need for the Director of Criminal investigations to chip in and investigate the matter before it goes overboard insisting that it is meant to kill the local sugar industry .