KFCB bans controversial cooking oil ad

Nairobi, KENYA: Kenya Film and Classification Board KFCB has restricted Fresh Fri cooking oil promotional advertisement by Pwani Oil limited due to its use of lewd language and sexual innuendos.
Speaking in Nairobi, KFCB chairman Dr.Ezekiel Mutua said the advert continues to air across the television stations yet it has not been submitted to the Board for examination and classification for age appropriateness.
” It will be recalled that the High Court petition No.10 of 2017 decision that was rendered on 12th May, 2016 by Justice John Mativo held that all advertisements as captured by section 2 of cap 222 are films and must be submitted to the board for examination and classification prior to broadcast,” said Mutua.
The board has also banned an advert by Marie Stopes adverts airing on radio with a message that clearly promotes abortion contrary to article 26 (4) of the constitution of Kenya.
He says the advert targets teenage girls by giving them alternatives to unwanted or planned pregnancies.
” The advert was not submitted to the board for examination and classification and therefore its exhibition, distribution or broadcast is in breach of the law,” He explained.
The board also says that it has captured many programs containing content that glorify alcohol, prostitution, abusive and lewd language, obscenity and sexual implied actions, violence and drug abuse in several TV stations during the water shade hours.
The board therefore, demands that the said advert be pulled down immediately and  should not be aired until it has been submitted to the board to determine its suitability.